Classroom Structures that

Support Student Autonomy and Agency

Free Webinar

Kelly August, Two Rivers Teacher and Two Rivers Learning Institute Faculty Member


As educators, we apply backwards design when planning and creating units and curriculum in order to best prepare and teach students. However, why don’t we apply this same practice to things other than instruction? Structures such as goal setting, student-led conferences, and work showcases require student agency, autonomy, confidence, and creativity. However, students don’t always come into our classrooms with these skills. Through backwards design, educators can scaffold with smaller structures throughout the year in order to strengthen both larger structures like student-led conferences as well as student’s capacities for taking ownership of their learning . From intentional goal setting to student designed and led Morning Meetings, students will not only develop as classroom learners, but also as leaders outside the school building. Join us for this engaging webinar on structures that support student autonomy and agency! 

This webinar will meet from 7:00 PM to 8:30PM on Tuesday, October 26.