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Learning Expeditions

Learning expeditions are integrated at Two Rivers at every grade level—pre-K through eighth grade. Students are presented with a real-world problem, undertake a series of investigations, and create a product that they present to an authentic audience.

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The most exciting learning, the most long-lasting learning, is through these kinds of projects.

– Jessica Wodatch, former executive director of Two Rivers
Project-Based, Hands-on Learning

As an EL Education school, learning expeditions are Two Rivers’ approach to project-based learning and a central feature of our curriculum. Learning expeditions are ten to twelve week in-depth projects centered on a compelling problem that culminate in the creation of a high-quality product. They are the primary way that we deliver social studies and science content, and are always integrated with rich literacy opportunities.

By situating learning in the context of authentic, complex problems, students come to understand the interdisciplinary nature of our world. They learn content and skills within real world contexts that drive them to research, read, write, and create for a purpose that matters. While digging into problems without a clear, single answer, students learn critical thinking and problem solving skills; build character as they fail, reassess, and try again; and understand the power of collaboration and communication with a team.

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