EL Credentialing

Welcome to Two Rivers Public Charter School’s 4th Street elementary and middle school EL Education credentialing portfolio! Since our inception in 2004, Two Rivers Public Charter School’s 4th Street campus has remained rooted in the Two Rivers mission:

To nurture a diverse group of students to become life-long active participants in their own education, develop a sense of self and community, and become responsible and compassionate members of society.

In addition, we continue to support this mission through the following goal:

When students graduate from Two Rivers they will have the cognitive and social skills to succeed in high school and college so that they are positioned to have rich and varied options for their future.

Our commitment to the core practices of EL Education in realizing this mission and goal has made our students’ successes across all three EL Education’s dimensions of student achievement possible. This portfolio is designed to illustrate both those accomplishments and how we continue to grow to improve the educational outcomes for all of our students.

In 2014, our original 4th Street campus was one of the first schools in the country to be credentialed by EL Education. A recognition that speaks to our high level of implementation of the EL Education core practices and our relentless pursuit of a broader vision of success for our students. This level of implementation is reflected in our annual EL Education implementation reviews and in the performance of our students as evidenced in our EL Education credential data profile.

EL Education Implementation Reviews 2015 – 2019

EL Education Credentialing Data Profile 2015 – 2019

Two Rivers Public Charter School 4th Street Campus Performance Benchmarks

​Since being credentialed, Two Rivers network of schools has grown to include another elementary campus and now serves over 850 students in grades preschool (3-year old program) through eighth grade in Washington, DC. We will continue to grow through 2022 when we will serve over 1000 students in our two elementary schools and one middle school. This portfolio focuses on the work of our flagship 4th Street campus which includes one of our elementary schools and our middle school.
Two Rivers Public Charter School 4th Street Elementary School and Middle School 2018 – 2019
Through the growth of the past five years, our 4th Street campus has continued to be a model within EL Education’s network, throughout Washington, DC; and across the nation. At the heart of our success is our commitment to continuous improvement as a learning organization. exemplified by five core values that form the foundation of our work together:

These core values that embody our staff culture have made the claims through the rest of this portfolio possible. Within the portfolio, we will share claims and relevant supporting evidence for our 4th Street campus’ growth in achieving mastery of skills and knowledge; developing character; and supporting student production of high quality work over the last five years. In addition, we will highlight our work to sustain continuous improvement as a learning organization which has been the undergirding support for our students’ achievements.

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