Learning and Loving Math: Strategies for Deepening Math Instruction

Elizabeth Weiss, Teacher and Two Rivers Learning Institute Faculty Member

Jeff Heyck-Williams, Director of the Two Rivers Learning Institute Faculty Member

This virtual course focuses on the structures for supporting a culture of student-centered, inquiry-based mathematics across classrooms.  Specifically, we will explore how to teach through problem-based tasks, how to pose open-ended questions, how to draw out and respond to student thinking, and how to develop a classroom culture that encourages students to grapple with mathematics. Participants develop the skills for designing and implementing mathematics instruction that addresses conceptual understanding, problem-solving, and mathematical mindsets, in addition to fluency.

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The Language of Problem-Solving in Early Childhood:

From Social Emotional Development to Making Thinking Visible

Helen Gasperretti, Teacher and Two Rivers Learning Institute Faculty Member

As young children learn language, they are simultaneously building the foundation for higher order cognitive skills like problem-solving. By providing and facilitating multiple opportunities for students, the teacher can help young children learn to use language for both social and academic problem-solving. In this session, we will explore how the use of a regular problem-solving routine can be utilized to model language that students can then apply across social and academic contexts. Participants will leave with practical tips for using a problem-solving approach in their early grades classrooms.

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