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Student-Led Conferences

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Student-led conferences open kids’ eyes to what they are really learning. They can see things on a larger scale, and they realize that they have to make a plan for themselves and their learning.

– Mike Jordan, Two Rivers parent
Building Student Ownership
for Learning and Growth

A student-led conference is a meeting to share a student’s current level of performance and to set goals for future learning. The student-led conference—which includes a student, family members, and a teacher—replaces the traditional parent-teacher conference, giving the student ownership over presenting his or her work and setting goals for future growth. Student-led conferences exist on a continuum from students being present at the conference to students leading every element of the conference. Ideally, the student speaks for the majority of the conference, curates his or her work in a portfolio, and reflects on data from the work and standardized measures.

Resources for Student-Led Conferences
Preparation and Exemplars
How do you prepare students for student-led conferences?
Lessons to Prepare Students for Student-Led Conferences
Example Student Portfolio
Student-Led Conference Evaluation Checklist
Student-Led Conference Script Prep Sheet
Accountability, Motivation, and Progress: One Student’s take on Student-Led Conferences

During the Student-Led Conference
Data Notecatcher for Students
Data Conference Scripted Cards
Sample Student-Led Data Conference Agenda and Script
Resources for Students
Data Slides for Students
Reflection for Students Note Catcher for Thinking about Progress Reports
Scaffolded Agenda for Students
Blank Agenda for Students
Sample Questions for Parents to Ask their Student(s)